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Union Brothers Pizza

The Detroit you hear about on the news today isn’t the one that has always been around. There was a time when Detroit was one of the greatest cities in the world, when it had the highest per capita income in the country, and when it housed over a quarter of a million manufacturing jobs. The city’s greatest asset wasn’t its waterways, or the automobile industry it birthed, or the music that dominated the radio, but rather it’s people.  Hardworking, up at dawn, blue collar, resourceful working folk, many in those union manufacturing jobs that helped make up the greatest middle class this country has ever known.

Growing up in and around Detroit lends itself to shaping you a certain way. You grow up appreciating hard work, getting your hands dirty, punching the clock at dawn and not bringing your lunch pail home until after dusk. You also grow up around some great pizza, world renowned pizza.

It’s these two things that make Union Brothers what it is. A family business built from the ground up with hard work and dedication. Built for the sole purpose of crafting you a pizza we’re proud to call our own, the same way our fathers and grandfathers and brothers and uncles worked to provide cars the rest of the country could be proud of.

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